Getting Flavor with a Renal Diet

Aug 18, 2017

When you are on a renal diet, it is imperative that you find ways to make sure you enjoy the foods you are eating. You don’t want to become sick of the diet and dread every single meal. Good nutrition is very important to your health! So, add flavor and make sure you have everything you need in your foods. Want to enhance the taste? Here are some ways you can add flavor to your renal diet.

Flavor Enhancing Ingredients

A touch of cinnamon can greatly enhance the taste appeal of certain recipes without using any salt or sugar while also helping to curb cravings for sweets. If you are cooking protein, find a rub or seasoning that is low in sodium or try unsalted butter with garlic and thyme or rosemary. These little additions can bring out a lot of flavor in your foods without harming your diet.

Update Your Spice Rack

You should have a variety of salt-free spices to choose from when preparing your meals from fresh ingredients. Basil is a sweet-tasting herb that can bring out the flavor of sauces or be made into a sandwich. Bay leaf is known for enhancing the flavor of slowly cooked meat recipes, so keep it in mind the next time you bring out the slow cooker. Dry bay leaves release a stronger flavor than fresh ones.

If you are a fan of Italian cooking, then you must have access to thyme and oregano. Tarragon will give a French flair to your vegetables, chicken, and fish recipes. Mustard powder can be incorporated into rubs for meat and seafood. Add dill to salads and dips to punch up their flavor, and do not forget to keep ginger, which you can mix with lemon juice and just a little honey, to make a flavor-enhancer for chicken and turkey. If you have a window in your kitchen that gets plenty of sun, you probably can grow your own fresh basil and cilantro. Remember that fresh herbs may need to be used in larger amounts as their flavor is not as strong as dried herbs.

Switch From Salt to Powder

Switch out your garlic and onion salts to use garlic and onion powder instead. Read the labels to see if sodium or potassium has been added to any herb, spice, rub or mix that you buy. Be careful with pepper blends as they may include salt or potassium.

Try Different Peppercorns

If you are only used to using ground black pepper, try some fresh black peppercorns you grind when used. You can also experiment with the flavor nuances of white, red, or even pink peppercorn varieties, but be careful of the green ones typically preserved in brine.

Citrus Is a Great Flavor Enhancer

If you like fish, keep plenty of fresh lemons on hand for seasoning your seafood recipes. Also, there are lemon-pepper seasoning products available that contain no salt or potassium. Just be sure to check the ingredient list.


Sauces with the right ingredients can do wonders for the flavors in your goods. For instance, vinegars are great flavor enhancers, as are hot sauces using chili pepper or vinegar bases. Think about adding some Tabasco to your meal to kick the flavor up an extra notch.

A renal diet can be full of flavor and very healthy. If you are the primary cook in your family, you can begin to steer the rest of your family members toward freshly cooked foods bursting with flavor that are much healthier than processed foods. At Satellite Healthcare, our team is dedicated to helping people get the care they need. You deserve the best possible healthcare and assistance when it comes to dealing with kidney disease and we’re here to provide it to you.

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