• Patty

    “I had been a nurse for many years, but I didn’t want to be in the hospital. I wanted to be out in the community. I really wanted to be in prevention. A nephrologist friend of mine told me about an opening with NKF. I realized that this was one disease that you actually can prevent. So it seemed like the perfect fit for me.”

  • Jan

    “Looking back there were indications I did not recognize. For one I was seeing doctors and eventually was hospitalized for severe anemia. Everyone seemed to expect they would find bleeding as the cause."

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  • Brigitte

    “I told my family over lunch one day when I was 11 years old that I wanted to be a physician. They were quite surprised.”

  • Barbara

    “A patient here went to the Philippines and had this made for me in a village.”

  • Kathy

    “I was a computer science major in school, but it wasn’t for me. I sort of fell into human services. I liked helping people. With social work I saw the opportunity to offer more help.”

  • Elaine

    “I am a dietitian and I chose to work in dialysis due to my strong family history of polycystic kidney disease. My grandmother died of kidney failure when she was sixty."

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  • Robert and Susan

    “We like to go out a lot and go shopping. I was to the point that I couldn’t keep up with her. Now, she has to keep up with me.”

  • Ingrid

    “The patients who are more difficult to train, it give me satisfaction to bring them to a new level of health and offer them an improvement in their life. It’s always a teaching experience.”

  • Nancy

    “My daughter takes such good care of me. I call her my main ‘nurse.’ I’m so lucky to have her by my side.”

  • Hermilo

    “This is a tattoo of my son’s footprint. He’s 9 years old now. I have another for my daughter, who’s 12. And I’m about to have another one, a boy. I’ll put a tattoo of his hand on my hand."

  • Hong

    “I came to dialysis for one main reason – I want to make a miracle happen. Dialysis made me realize that I can watch that miracle happen. Kidney failure is not a death sentence. I can prolong their life.”