We all go. Let’s not be embarrassed about it. We bet you can identify with these urinary situations:

1. Trying to be sly at the pool.

The chlorine takes care of the germs right? Right?!

2. When your bathroom dream wasn’t a dream.

Seriously? Shouldn’t I know not to do this by now?!

3. When you nope out of the gas station bathroom.

How bad do I really have to go?

4. When you really have to go but there’s a huge line.

What are they doing in there?!

5. When you finally get to go.

YES! Sweet release!

But the best place to pee is at a checkup in a cup (at the doctor’s office of course)!

You have to go anyway, so why not get a kidney checkup while you’re at it? Talk to your doctor today!

Our friends at the National Kidney Foundation are letting everyone know the importance of pee and your kidneys in their new animated music video: Everybody Pees! Learn more about your kidneys and why your pee is important by watching the full video below or at www.everybodypees.org.