Now that you’re beginning to get the hang of making your favorite recipes kidney friendly here are a few more hints.

Using fresh ingredients is very important. Processed foods, such as those in cans, boxes or other packages, often contain additives and preservatives which are high in sodium and phosphorus. Canned broth and canned vegetables are both high in sodium. Making your own low sodium broth and freezing it for later use, and using frozen or fresh vegies will help to reduce the sodium in your food. Always check anything labeled “low sodium” and do not use if it contains potassium chloride.

Some ingredients simply have no good substitute like nuts and tomatoes. Try cutting the amount of these ingredients in your recipe in half or even more. Experiment to see what works and what doesn’t. Some very delicious recipes have been created by this method!

Looking for new recipes? Check out our recipes page. Or, go to NKF’s “My Food Coach” at to find recipes and add your own. Android and iPhone apps are also available for this feature. And don’t forget to ask your dietitian for other recipe resources.